Twelfth Night - Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival, 2008

"I was also entranced by Charlotte Palmer-Lane’s handsome costumes. They are emotionally color-coordinated, in a way that reflects and reiterates plot development. In the final scene, and I say this with unqualified admiration, the actors look like models in a Ralph Lauren ad for British colonialism." - Anita Gates, New York Times

Rounding Third - Penguin Rep Theatre, 2008

"Sometimes a costume says it all. In Richard Dresser’s “Rounding Third,” the final offering of the Penguin Rep Theater season, the opening scene depicts two men meeting face to face for the first time. One, wearing horn-rimmed glasses and a tweed sport jacket over a V-neck sweater, looks natty. The other, in well-worn jeans and a T-shirt emblazoned with “Local Sports Legend,” could not be scruffier. Charlotte Palmer-Lane’s textbook-clear outfits tell you right off the bat that Mr. Dresser’s comic meditation on Little League baseball is going to center on an odd couple." - Sylvianne Gold, New York Times

Pericles - HVSF, 2009

"Mr. O’Brien has a high time putting his cast members (19 in this case, playing some 60 roles) through lightning changes of fairy-tale costume (by Charlotte Palmer-Lane) and exaggerated cartoon personas in their assorted roles as brigands and pimps and evil monarchs." - Ben Brantley, New York Times

King Lear - HVSF, 2013

"And when the sun goes down on Boscobel and the stage lights brighten, the features and forms of the actors — costumed (by Charlotte Palmer-Lane) like picturesque nobles and soldiers from the Dark Ages — come into stark focus." - Ben Brantley, New York Times

Drop Dead Perfect - Penguin Rep Theatre, 2013

"As Idris slowly loses her grip — assuming she ever had one — Mr. Quinton attacks every cliché in the script with fevered intensity. Gorgeously dressed by Charlotte Palmer-Lane (who has clearly spent many happy hours trolling through vintage clothing stores), he also reveals a talent for lewd Latin dance in the rollicking, utterly shameless numbers devised by Lorna Ventura." - Sylvianne Gold, New York Times

As You Like It - HVSF, 2016

"Charlotte Palmer-Lane’s colorful, idiosyncratic costumes for “As You Like It” are a design standout." - David DeWitt, New York TImes

Blithe Spirit - Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival, 2016

"From the mist­colored costumes of the ghosts to the bohemian fashion statements of Madame Arcati to the exquisite clothing of the Condomines and Bradmans, Charlotte Palmer­-Lane's designs make you long for the bespoke tailoring and luscious fabrics of those bygone days." - Susan L. Pena, Reading Eagle